Face Reading Sessions

What Can Be Read?


Illness, nutritional and mineral deficiencies, the level of your physical resilience and strength, show visible signs on the face. Learn how to use this information as a roadmap to recovery and achieve personal health goals.


Proper nutrition is a basic building block to stay healthy and fit. Yet, nutritional needs can vary person to person. Learn to identify the signs on your face such as swelling, skin problems and wrinkles that indicate deficiencies in your diet. Through face reading, you can optimize your life with the right foods that work best for you.


By analyzing the structure of a face, you discover the true personality, character, preferences and abilities. Use this knowledge to better recognize yourself, as well as to better understand another person's thinking, behavior and needs.


Love matters. It's an invaluable experience that fills us with inspiration and life. However, it's not easy to identify the  who the right partner is for you. Employing face reading techniques, you can look behind the fog of superficial features  to clearly see the individual within.

Coupled up? The faces of a couple, close together, can also reveal much. Even a photo can reveal whether the couple has a deep affection for each other, or are just good friends


How do I find the right job for me? What hidden talents do I have that can help me truly succeed? The face can provide helpful information about how a person works, deals with money and leads others. Those who clearly understand their own strengths and weaknesses have an upper hand in achieving success in a way that feels fulfilling and "right."

Life Purpose

A central theme in a human life is to fulfill one's life work and what that means for the individual as well as society. Everyone has talents that want to be discovered and lived out. If this happens, we are steadily approaching our life tasks. We gain satisfaction and joy through what we are and do. So a job can become a vocation. The face gives information about our life tasks and opens the view to a happy future.


This session provides an overview of many specific points that shed light on your personal life story. For example, turning points in your past, the present, and possibly your future. To determine and design this yourself. That should be your goal. But which is your goal in life? Learn how your life could unfold. What fate is yours?


EXCERPT | Eric Standop read 3 Faces

EXCERPT | Eric Standop reads a Reporters Face

Face Reading Session with Eric Standop

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